About Us...
Irv Kanode

I have taken several thousand photos of the Superstition Wilderness over the last 20 years. The ones from the early 90's were developed to Photo CD. The more recent ones have been taken with digital cameras. This is a start at sharing them.

I've hiked all the official Forest Service trails in the Superstitions and many of the unofficial ones. If you need info about a hike that's not listed here, please ask. "Hike Arizona" is another useful site with hikes covering the state including the Superstitions: http://HikeArizona.com

GPS Tracks
Michale Thorn led a successful effort to collect GPS tracks of all the official Forest Service trails in the Superstitions. You can download the set from:

The goal is to have a series of photos for each plant:

  • in it's habitat
  • it's form (both normal and unusual)
  • close up of a bud
  • close up of a bloom
  • close up of seeds
  • close up of leaves
  • insects eating the plant
  • anything else that's interesting

The collection of photos for "Century Plant" is an illustrative example.

Long term goals:

  • Adding key words for flower color, number of petals, etc. and then using Google Search within the site.
  • Creating alternate menus by flower color, number of petals, leaf shape, etc.