Photos of the Reavis Ranch Trailhead in the Superstition Mountain Wilderness

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Map and directions for the drive to the Reavis Ranch Trailhead

The Reavis Ranch Trailhead in the Superstition Wilderness is just south of the Apache Trail (SR-88) near Apache Lake.

FR-212 leaves the Apache trail (SR-88) between mile markers 227 and 228. It's 2.8 miles between SR-88 and the trailhead. It is generally suitable for mid-clearance passenger cars but was posted in 2005 as not for use by horse trailers. FR-212 is narrow and has blind curves. One caution is that when you're driving uphill on this road to the trailhead in the early morning, the rising sun will blind you. Make sure your windshield is clean--inside and out to reduce reflections.

This trailhead is the northern terminus of the Reavis Ranch Trail #109 (aka: Reavis Valley Trail) which is 15.3 miles long. It passes through Reavis Ranch and ends at the Roger's Trough Trailhead. Very few people hike this trail straight through. Most people hike from one of the ends to Reavis Ranch and back on one hike and then hike to Reavis Ranch and back from the other end on a later hike.

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